Talk about a life-changing doctor appointment! That is what happened to me the minute I stepped into Dr. Davidson's office.

After eighteen months, three foot surgeries, and countless visits to conventional doctors, it took

Dr. Davidson only a couple of questions to know exactly what was wrong with me -- hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Davidson's bio-identical hormonal treatment is the best there is out there. Within days of treatment, all my symptoms were gone, and I was not just myself again, but better than I've ever been before.

And to make it all better, his weight-loss program is the only program that will give you results, teach you how to eat right, and help you create a better lifestyle that keeps the weight off.

Dr. Davidson is very prepared and knowledgeable in his field, but I also need to mention the wonderful friendly atmosphere that you feel with him, how easy it is to talk to him as he's reachable nearly 24/7, and how his confidence will lift you.

By following Dr. Davidson's program, I gained confidence in my ability to achieve my goals and sustain a new lifestyle.

Issis Pietri

At nearly 63 years old and at my heaviest weight, I was desperate to find a weight-loss program that would really help me get my body and life back together. Despite my best efforts, all of the other programs had I tried throughout my life did not teach me how and what I really should be eating. My friend referred me to Dr. Davidson and since then I am on my way to reaching my goal weight, and have never been more fit.

When I first met Dr. Davidson, I was surprised at how much time he spent with me explaining everything about the HCG diet from A to Z. I have NEVER been to a doctor who was so genuinely interested in getting his patients in better health. He is also the most pleasant doctor I have ever met. These qualities are important because you need to feel comfortable to confidentially discuss any concerns you may have. When you leave his office, you actually feel like you are on a natural high from his pleasant intervention!

Dr. Davidson always gives me incentives and solutions whenever I run into an issue. His availability astounded me! You can email, text or call him any time and he will answer!

I still have a long way to go, but I am very confident that Dr. Davidson will guide me through this process, and will continue to give me the support I need to follow through. My confidence in losing weight has exceeded my expectations.

My blood pressure medication has been cut in half, and my exercise program is working well for me. Dr. Davidson has taught me how to use portion control, as well as how to eliminate unhealthy foods and replace them with healthy alternatives.

I never thought I would get this far and feel so good on a weight-loss program. Dr. Davidson is my savior! If I had not started on his program, my health would have gone downhill and would have caused severe health issues.

Thank you, Dr. Davidson, for saving my life!

Linda K.

Dr. Davidson is excellent! He takes the time to not only learn about your particular needs but learn about you as a person to ensure that his program is ideally suited for YOU! He truly makes himself available to his patients day and night, whether via phone, email or text, he is always reachable. There was never a question too big or too small, whether it be about the specifics of my medications to something as simple as helping me select a meal while on a date with my husband, he was always there when I called with a reassuring word, unparalleled advice that ensured that I exceeded my expectations when I began the program.

I've found that the older you become the more your body needs help to continue to function at an optimal level. Through Dr. Davidson's HCG program I've not only lost a significant amount of weight and gained control of my appetite but I am now more mindful of the choices I make in terms of my health because the HCG program has impacted my overall health in ways I never thought possible. My blood pressure has gone down and for the first time I believe I may one day be able to be weaned off my medication. I have more energy and as a result am much more active which my friends, family and, of course, my husband (who's benefited in more ways that one) have noticed and responded to with such unbelievable positivity that it has encouraged me to continue with the HCG program further. It's not that I look like I just lost weight but rather that I look like a new person; a new, healthier, more youthful and happier me!

Mary W.

WOW!!! I came to you about three years ago for help in losing 20 pounds, which we did in less than eight weeks. However, much more importantly, you helped me build a life plan that includes food, exercise, positive thinking and fun.

It's now three years later and I am in better shape than ever. You turned me onto walking, really good food choices, and moderation.

Your vision has changed my vision and I owe you a BIG THANKS!!! *

Jan L.

From the moment I stepped into Dr. Davidson's office he made me feel at ease with him and with the task ahead. He found a way to unlock the potential in me that I could not see on my own. I gained confidence in my ability to not only achieve my goals but to sustain a new lifestyle. I don't worry about what to eat or how much because Dr. Davidson made weight management second nature to me. He taught me how to take control of my body and by extension my life. Dr. Davidson opened doors for me that I did not know existed. *

Charlotte B.

Dr. Davidson's program worked tremendously for me when I needed to be ready for a special occasion. Combining his program with exercise helped me reach my weight goal with fabulous results! *

Diane A.

I had traditional arthroscopic surgery performed on one knee to repair a torn meniscus. For an entire year after the surgery I experienced constant, intense pain and walked with a pronounced limp. Normal physical activity was impossible. During that year, treatments by the orthopedist, and intensive traditional professional physical therapy were completely unsuccessful. I then learned about prolotherapy, and saw Dr.Davidson. Several prolotherapy treatments from Dr. Davidson completely healed my knee in less than three months. I am now fast-walking at least three miles to and from work every day, biking several times a week, and am totally pain free. Prolotherapy works. *

Ira F.

Prolotherapy works! I had chronic lower back pain and after several epidural injections and use of anti-inflammatory drugs which provided no relief, a friend recommended Dr. Arthur Davidson, who specializes in prolotherapy. This was my last option.

I went on-line, researched and reviewed, and saw that our former surgeon general, C. Everett Koop, practiced prolotherapy and several sports personalities recommended prolotherapy. I thought this was something good and made an appointment to see Dr. Davidson. I am glad I did. I tried prolotherapy and I am getting my life back after three years of traditional pain management, which did not work. I have recommended prolo to several family members and friends, even strangers; one is a 92-year old man and after treatment he is doing fabulous.

Prolotherapy has definitely worked for me and the best part is there are no side effects ever! I will no longer use traditional pain management. Prolotherapy has given me long lasting relief and is an excellent alternative to joint replacement and surgery.

I am overjoyed to have met Dr. Davidson! *

Lynette J.

My mother was someone who suffered daily migraines for years. It would stop her during any random activity, where she would have to stop whatever she was doing and go and lie down somewhere dark and quiet. By the time she felt better, most of the day was lost and she would remain in bed hoping that the next day her migraines would be gone. She visited different doctors and tried all kinds of pills, but these didn't seem to alleviate her terrible pain. These occurrences continued for as long as I remember.

After having two prolotherapy treatments with Dr. Davidson, my whole family has seen a major difference in my mother's everyday spirit. She is much happier! Now, my mother goes out more without the fear of the headaches attacking at any given moment. She doesn't feel uneasy being away from her tranquil, low-lit bedroom anymore. These sessions of prolotherapy have changed my mother's life for the better. *

Adriana P., patient's daughter

My aunt, Claire W., used to be in such severe pain that she sought relief by going to physical therapy and taking painkillers. But, this only made the pain unbearably worse. Her back ached so much that she walked hunched over, like an old crone, until she heard about prolotherapy, a treatment for the alleviation of pain; a treatment neither of us had heard of before. She asked me to accompany her to receive the treatment from Dr. Arthur Davidson. I acquiesced and now, after receiving several treatments, she walks as straight as an arrow, pain-free; her pain and aches are almost completely gone. I highly recommend this treatment to all and sundry without reservations. *

Dawn E., patient's niece

A little over a year ago, I suffered with swollen knees, unbearable, constant, aching pain in both knees. They diagnosed me with a lateral ligament tear in my right knee, accompanied with cartilage deterioration in both knees. Cracking joints, stiffness and pain was all I knew. I lived with this pain for more than five years. Eventually, my medical doctor referred to an orthopedic surgeon, who wanted to operate to repair the ligament tear. This surgeon told me that even with surgery, he could not guarantee the pain would go away, and there was no way cartilage deterioration could be repaired. Naturally, I refused the surgery, and remained in pain.

A little over a year ago, my daughter, knowing how I was suffering, introduced me to Dr. Arthur Davidson. Using a non evasive method of treatment called Prolotherapy, Dr. Davidson treated me and I am free of pain. I call it a miracle. My mother called it a blessing. I cannot begin to say how my life has changed. For one thing, I am happier, more relaxed and able to move about without pain and stiffness. *

Ms. D. Mack

*The above testimonial were given freely. No compensation, monetary or otherwise, was directly or indirectly provided to the patients who gave the above testimonials.