Dr. Arthur Davidson is the founder of Davidson Medical Wellness, specializing in functional, anti-aging, and bariatric medicine.

Dr. Davidson's penchant for alternative medicine was sparked after observing his friends and family exhaustively follow traditional medical treatment plans that yielded no results. Reluctantly turning to alternative medical physicians, Dr. Davidson was astonished to find immediate and effective solutions to all of his medical problems. For example, medical professionals once told Dr. Davidson that he and his wife Yolanda could not have children, suggesting that Yolanda should consider a hysterectomy due to her medical condition. If Dr. Davidson and his wife had listened to these recognized leaders in their field, then the two wouldn't have had their two sons Arthur and Christopher, who graduated from The Dalton School and Columbia University on scholarship.

Dr. Davidson is a graduate of the Howard University College of Medicine. He completed his internship at the University of Chicago where he also completed a fellowship in fetal maternal medicine. Dr. Davidson performed his residency in anesthesiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn. He left a successful anesthesiology practice at Staten Island Hospital to return to SUNY Downstate Medical Center as an assistant professor. There, he took on a multitude of roles, including interim director of the medical and surgical intensive care unit, director of the recovery room, and director of respiratory therapy. In addition, Dr. Davidson taught a preceptor ship in respiratory therapy to third and fourth year medical students, giving residents hands-on training in the operating room.

Dr. Davidson was the 126th doctor in the continental U.S. to receive his boards in bariatric medicine -- the study of the overweight adult and child. Dr. Davidson went on to become president and chairman of the board of his medical society, The American Society of Bariatric Physicians. He has also taken extensive courses in alternative medicine, bariatric medicine, and functional medicine.

Currently, Dr. Davidson is pursuing his Master's degree in metabolic and nutritional medicine at University of South Florida Medical School. When not studying, helping his patients, or writing his Wellness Newsletter, Dr. Davidson spends his time as an avid photographer, novice Olympic weightlifting enthusiast, and amateur dog-sitter to his son's black Labrador Retriever, Lincoln.

Prolotherapy has definitely worked for me and the best part is there are no side effects ever! I will no longer use traditional pain management. Prolotherapy has given me long lasting relief and is an excellent alternative to joint replacement and surgery.

I am overjoyed to have met Dr. Davidson! *

Lynette J.

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